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Roseann Mobilio, (in foreground with light blouse), '63, and classmates, (l to r) Helen Marie Byrne, Carol Lee Corlis, Jane Anne Corlis, Camille Giuffre, and Marie Raffo, lounge in a third floor mansion dorm room.  If their room was not neat, they might get a pink slip from the housemother.  That was not unusual on college campuses in the 1950s and early '60s. 
At right, is a group of '66 students in their dorm room sharing a box of Valentine candy.  From left are Ann Louise Borda, Hillary Britton, Mary Gambacorta, Claire Cassidy, and Ann Margaret Bender (?).



The class of 1967, as freshmen, look up from the open area of Grace Hall which once was  a stable courtyard.  After 1989, the courtyard was closed in to form an atrium.







Dr. Patricia Redden was named trustee of Cabrini College in 1973, filling the newly-created seat held exclusively for a graduate of the college.  Dr. Redden graduated in 1962 summa cum laude with a B.S. in chemistry.  She is pictured with her sisters, also graduates of Mother Cabrini High School and Cabrini College.  Noreen (Left), Cabrini College class of 1966, Anne (Middle), and Patricia (R) got together for Anne's (Penny) graduation in 1970.




Dolly Cannon (R) and Theresa Sacchetti were hostesses for the Philadelphia Grand Opera Company's benefit performance of Madame Butterfly.  The performance was given November 1971 in celebration of the 25th anniversary of the canonization of Saint Frances Cabrini. 





Sue White (L) and Kathy Ramos (R), as juniors, were featured at Cabrini's coffee house, "Prism", which opened on February 1972 in Grace Hall Smoker.  They both appeared on other college campuses, too, in the "contemporary entertainment scene" of the day.


Joseph Silvestrini (L), class of '75,  was the first male to be elected  president of the student government association.  Men were admitted to Cabrini College after the charter was changed in 1970 and in 1975 were able to be campus residents.    





When the student resident houses were opened at the beginning of 1980 spring semester, students moved in immediately.   Carol Ann Gugliemi (L) and Debbie Logan (R), along with their roommate, Patty Murphy, liked the quieter, homelike atmosphere which made it a better place to study.  Because it looked like a home, they would treat it like one.




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