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Email Policies


Like all Cabrini accounts, your email account should not be logged into by individuals other than yourself. You are solely responsible for all activity that takes place from your account. To safeguard your identity, your privacy, and sensitive College materials, do not share your account or give your password to anyone. To do so would be a violation of the Communications Systems User Policy.

Cabrini community members are required to regularly check their incoming Cabrini College email, maintain the account in working order, appropriately manage disk space, and abide by all Cabrini policies, including the Communications Systems User Policy and Accounts Policy.

It is possible and acceptable to have email from one’s account forwarded to another email address. However, the individual account holder is solely responsible for setting up and maintaining forwarding on his/her account, and for managing both the account and the account to which the email is forwarded so as to ensure that all Cabrini correspondence continues to be received.

Abuse of Email Privileges

Email and network connectivity are a privilege, not a right. These privileges can be revoked for violations of the college's Communications Systems User Policy. Unacceptable behavior includes, but is not limited to:

  • Unsolicited and unauthorized mass email (spam) - For more information, see the Mass Mailing Distribution Lists policy below
  • Offensive language
  • Obscene material or language
  • Threats
  • Infringement on others' privacy, including the transmission of sensitive information such as social security numbers
  • Interference with others' work
  • Copyright infringement
  • Illegal activity

Penalties for unacceptable behavior range from de-activation of the account (for minor first offenses) through college judicial action or referral to law enforcement authorities.

In the case of account de-activation, the offender must write a letter to the appropriate Vice President requesting that the account be reactivated. The letter should demonstrate an understanding of the negative ramifications that network and email abuse have on both college computing resources and the rights of other computer users.

Mass Mailing Distribution Lists

Do not attempt to send out spam, defined as unsolicited mailings (typically having 20 or more recipients) through your normal email account. This is wasteful of system resources, infringes the privacy of your recipients (by sharing their email addresses publicly), and is a violation of Cabrini's Communications Systems User Policy.

Cabrini College’s electronic mail list services for “all,” “staff,” “faculty,” and “student” are designed to be used only by authorized Cabrini College users as a communications tool for official College business. Because these are group mailing lists, postings must be of interest to a majority of the members; otherwise, mailings must be individually addressed. Misuse of lists may result in alterations to these services. These lists may not be used by students or non-members of Cabrini College. Unauthorized users will be referred for appropriate disciplinary action.

Any message to the college community at large must be approved by an appropriate academic or administrative employee. A limited number of administrative departments have the capability of sending mass mailings to these lists. Other mailings may be referred to the ITR Helpdesk for transmission to these lists.

For more information, please see the Mass Mailing Distribution Lists information page.