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Your Three Different Cabrini Email Addresses

There are three different email addresses that you can use when telling others your address. Note that all of these go to one email inbox, which you always log into with your username (e.g., abc123).

  • Your official email address formatted as (e.g., For more information, please see the Official Email Address section below.
  • You can also use your email account username (e.g.,
  • In addition, you are allowed one personal alias (e.g.,, which may be easier to remember.

Microsoft Exchange Email for Full-Time Employees

Once you have picked up your accounts for the first time, ITR will work with full-time staff to set up an Exchange account. Full-time and part-time faculty have the option to request an Exchange email account. The benefits of using Microsoft Exchange to manage your email are:

  • Access to public and departmental calendars listed on the Microsoft Exchange Server.
  • Access to the Global Address List, which includes all the Exchange account owners at Cabrini.
  • When checking your email from a computer off-campus, the familiar Outlook interface automatically synchronizes your email, folders, calendars and any rules you may have applied to your account.
  • The ability to easily delegate your calendar and/or email to another Exchange user.
  • Ten times the amount of mail storage than regular Cabrini email accounts.

To request a Microsoft Exchange account, send an email with your username, title and department to

Official Email Address

For most Cabrini community members, the official email address is in the format of: Example: This is the only email address that is officially associated with a member of the College and appears in College directories. In general, this address remains the same throughout one’s association with Cabrini College. Although individuals may choose and publish an alias for personal or general use, the official email address is used in the campus mass mailing distribution lists.

The College sends much of its correspondence solely through email. This includes policy announcements, emergency notices, event notifications, bill payment notifications, course syllabi and requirements, and correspondence between faculty and students. Some correspondence may be mailed only to the official Cabrini email address.

Assigning everyone a permanent official email address makes it possible for faculty, staff and other students to create reliable address book entries and mailing lists. For example, once a professor creates a course mailing list using the students’ official email addresses, that list can be used throughout the term. The ability to send mail to students will not be disrupted by any changes students might make in their Internet Service Provider or the address to which they forward their mail.


Departmental or Group Email Accounts

College departments and recognized campus organizations may request an email account to be used for the organization from the ITR Help Desk. The president/head/advisor of an organization is personally responsible for the organization's account.

Please provide the following information when requesting such an account:

  • The intended email address (eg.
  • The account's display name (eg. Registrar at Cabrini, Cabrini Registrar, Registrar Office, etc.) This is what will show to recipients when sending emails from this account. For personal email accounts, this may look like “LastName, FirstName” or "FirstName LastName"
  • The faculty or staff member who will be the owner/manager of the account. Whoever is the owner of the account is responsible for maintaining and distributing the account information. They need to keep track of who has access to the account, see what is being sent/received from this account, and change the password when appropriate, especially when there is employee turnover.
  • If this is a request for a student group account, include proof of approval from the Vice President of Student Development.

Public Calendars, Contact and Task Lists in Outlook

Departments can request public calendars. contact or task lists to be shared amongst Exchange users who use Outlook.

To access it, you can go into Outlook and click the Folder List button at the bottom underneath Tasks; a Public Folders mailbox will appear in your list of mailboxes on the left and you can click the arrow next to "Public Folders" and the arrow next to "All Public Folders" to view the calendar. To see a calendar (for example) in the calendar section of Outlook instead of the mailbox section of Outlook, right-click the calendar and Add to Favorites.