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CabriniConnect: Multi-System Access


CabriniConnect provides single-sign-on service: a convenient way to access multiple college web services by typing in your password just once. Services include:

Students, faculty, and professional staff may use their user-id and CabriniOne password to "connect" a browser window to CabriniConnect. Once connected, users can access any CabriniConnect service without entering the password again. When users sign out of a service, the browser remains "connected" so that the user may access more CabriniConnect services without having to enter their password again.

Signing Out and Disconnecting

As users finish with each CabriniConnect service, they should sign out of those services. Because CabriniConnect makes it easy to get back in, the inconvenience of signing out and back in again is eliminated.

When users are done working or are leaving a computer they should sign out of all services that are still open in other tabs or windows and should click the Disconnect button. Disconnecting ensures that anyone else using the computer is prompted for a user-id and password. For added protection, we also recommend that users close all browser windows (and quit the browser if it's still running), especially if other people have access to this computer.


What is CabriniConnect?

CabriniConnect is a single-sign-on site for Cabrini web applications. It's like "Login with Facebook," but with your Cabrini user-id and CabriniOne password. A "connected" browser is able to access any service protected by CabriniConnect — including CabriniOne, Cabrini Learn, and Cabrini Webmail — without needing your password entered again.

Is CabriniConnect secure?

Yes, all interactions with CabriniConnect use the same kind of encryption that's used for online banking and e-commerce sites.

What's the difference between signing out of CabriniOne or Cabrini Learn and disconnecting from CabriniConnect?

Signing out ends your session, but leaves your browser connected. While connected, the browser can, without asking for your password, start new sessions with any of the web applications protected by CabriniOne. Once you disconnect, new sessions cannot be started (without your password), but any existing connections are still valid.

Do I need to close my browser after I sign out?

In general, it's a good idea to sign out of a service when you are done working with it. When you are done working with a computer — particularly a computer in a public area — you should sign out of each service used and also disconnect. If you don't do both, an existing session or connection could still be available in an open browser, letting a stranger access systems using your account.

If you consistently sign out and disconnect, you don't need to close your browser. However, we still recommend closing browser windows (and quitting the browser on a Mac) as an extra precaution against forgetting one of the other steps.

I am typing in my credentials and the form keeps going blank or resetting (without saying my password was inauthentic).

Try deleting the cache and cookies of your internet browser.

I am receiving an error message about HTTP Status 500.

Try deleting the cache and cookies of your internet browser.

My bookmark for CabriniOne doesn't work anymore!

Try deleting your current bookmark and making a new one for .