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Cabrini Accounts Management Service

Password Help

Please see the Password Help page for assistance on resetting your passwords, as well as an explanation of the different passwords you have at Cabrini and their expiration policies.

No Accounts to Pick Up Error

If you went to Cabrini a long time ago, your account may still exist; contact the ITR Help Desk for a password reset. Otherwise, you may not have been entered into the system yet by the proper department, or there may be a typo in the information entered.

Not Part of the College Error

If you receive an error message that you are no longer part of the college:

  • If you are an adjunct employee and you are not currently teaching a course, this is expected behavior; the accounts system is the ONLY Cabrini system you cannot log into while you are not teaching a course. Please call ITR for email forwarding or password changes.
  • If you are currently teaching a course and believe this is in error, contact the Human Resources office to ensure that your contract is up-to-date and that you have an active primary role in the system.


You Can Log into CabriniOne but You Have No Courses (or Faculty Tab)

Contact the Cavalier Express Center to make sure that you are linked to your courses by the registrar.

Network Drives Do Not Appear

Try logging off the computer altogether, then log in again. If the problem persists, check your internet connection. If you have internet but your drives are still not mapping automatically, contact the ITR Help Desk.

Name Change

If your information was entered incorrectly into the system or you recently changed your legal name, please contact both the appropriate records department and ITR in order to propagate the name change throughout Cabrini's various systems.

Once the name change has occurred in the accounts system, ITR can assist with changing your official email address, as well as your email and domain account display names. Please note that usernames (e.g., abc123) cannot be changed.