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Activating Your First Accounts

Please follow the instructions below or watch a video tutorial of how to pick up your first Cabrini accounts.

If you are not recognized by the system:

Receive Your Username and Choose Your Password

Visit and click the link on the left to pick up your first accounts.

Step 1

In place of your College ID number, you may enter your Social Security number. The zip code may be that of a parent’s address. If you are not recognized as a person on file after entering your information, you may already have Cabrini accounts (if you used to attend Cabrini) or there most likely is a typo in the system; please contact the ITR Help Desk for assistance.

Steps 2 - 3

Read the Acceptable Use policy and agree to it.

Password Reset Question/Answer Setup

You can choose a question from the defaults, or select More Questions or Enter your own question for other options. You can use the password reset service in the future to reset your passwords, including your domain account password, which expires every 3 months. Just visit and click the Help! I forgot my password link underneath the Sign in button.

Step 4

The system provides a randomly generated password, but you can change it to one of your own on that screen. Choose a password that follows these criteria:

  • Between 6 and 16 characters
  • Contains at least 1 number or symbol in the middle of the password, surrounded by letters on both sides
  • Has at least two letters

Step 5

You will now be at Step 5, which will list your accounts, username and password. Multiple accounts are listed because technically you have two separate accounts at Cabrini.

Set Up an Email Alias

Some of the accounts that you created let you pick a personal alias at which you can receive email. Instead of using the cryptic or the long official address, you can pick something a bit more personal. When you’re logged into, click on the None Selected link in the Personal Alias column to enter your own personal email alias.

Please see our Setting Up A Personal Email Alias guide for written instructions.

Set Up Email Forwarding

When you’re logged into, click on the Forwarding link to set up email forwarding.

Please see our Setting Up Email Forwarding guide for written instructions.

Access Your Course Materials, Schedule, Etc.

Congratulations! You have picked up your accounts and are ready to access Cabrini systems. The most commonly used system is CabriniOne, which you can access by visiting; our CabriniOne Help page is a very useful tool for learning how to navigate CabriniOne.

Check out the Student Resources page or Faculty and Staff Resources page for a Guide to Technology at Cabrini and many useful links.

Part-time faculty can discover the services the Information Technology & Resources department offers them in a brief part-time faculty video presentation, including electronic resources and useful tips & tricks.