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The best way to get in touch with the help desk and communicate your technology needs or problems is to use our Online Problem Reporting system or A/V Request system. After entering your request via the web page you will receive an automated email from the help desk acknowledging its receipt.

You may also use our Online Help Library to try to solve the problem yourself.


Another way to reach the help desk is to call 610-902-8366 and speak to one of the staff. The help desk hours are the same as the "In Person" hours listed below.

  • Please be at the computer when you call.
  • Be specific about the problem. "It is broken" does not give the analyst enough information as to what the problem is. Briefly describe the problem and the steps that you took up to the point where you ran into problems.
  • Write down any error message that you receive.
  • Please provide the helpdesk with your phone number, name and location of the computer.


If you would like to email your technology problem or question to the Help Desk, you can do so by sending a message to

For assistance with Cabrini Learn, please send an email to the appropriate address.

For assistance with business applications, such as Banner, Hyperion, Web*Finance, EMS and Innosoft Fusion, please send an email to the appropriate address.

In Person

The Information Technology and Resources department Help Desk is located in Founders Hall - Room 108.

Please see our Home Page for our current hours:

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